I Can Smell the F.R.E.E.D.O.M

Hi there.. It's been so long I haven't sneak in this blog. I've been very much busy lately.

Today is my last day working in V*biz.. such an unprofessional company, in which I've been working for 3 months.
Anyway, I'm not writing to gain some sins, black campaigning this company, but I'm preparing some celebrations of my freedom, or you can say, being unemployed, hahaha..

As the matter of fact, I'm gonna miss life in Sudirman, the most busy street in Jakarta, high res building, traffic jam, 3 in 1, fancy clothing, tie, etc.. and the most thing that I'm gonna miss is, the superb internet connection.

Jalan Jendral Sudirman

Hopefully, it won't take a long time being unemployed, since I have some installment to be paid, hehehe.. Hey, have I told you about my new baby? meet "dongo"then, she's a Toyota Yaris E type, automatic transmission. we've been together for about two months.. I have to pay for her some million rupiahs per month. Maybe there will be another blog to introduce her.

si Dongo

Well, again, I'd like to articulate my lately-favorite quote: "I CAN SMELL THE FREEDOM.." yeah..
Bismillah, God knows what best for me..